Why Mark Wahlberg Didn't Tell His Wife About Language in 'Transformers'


ET was with Mark Wahlberg, his wife and his kids at the premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction, where we found out he wasn't exactly forthcoming to his wife about the adult language in the movie.

Wahlberg, 43, and wife Rhea, 35, walked the red carpet with three of their children: daughter Ella Rae, 10, son Michael, 8, and son Brendan, 5. While the family looked happy taking family portraits upon their arrival,
Wahlberg could have wound up in the doghouse by the end of the night. The actor told ET's Rocsi Diaz that he hadn't told his wife about the explicit language used in the film.

"I'm holding out on it, because what if she says they can't watch it?" Wahlberg told Rocsi Diaz. "Then it's a big problem, so I'll take the reaming later."

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The decision may have worth it, as Wahlberg's children were stoked to see their dad on the big screen.

"They're thrilled," said Wahlberg. "They just want to go inside and watch the movie. They don't want to deal with any of this red carpet stuff."