Joe Manganiello Peels Back Layers & Clothes of Real Life Strippers


We’ve seen Joe Manganiello strip down in both Magic Mike and True Blood. But, it seems he has found himself a new role, making his directorial debut in a feature-length documentary titled La Bare, and he’s telling ET all about it.

While Joe will be keeping his shirt on for this gig, the guys in his documentary will not be! Turns out the 37-year-old became so fascinated with the real life world of male strippers after working on Magic Mike, he decided to delve into the lives of people at the legendary Dallas strip club La Bare, which the 2012 hit film was based on. Joe went in to find out more about what makes these men tick and dispel a few myths about the women who are shelling out the cash.

So just what did he find out about what keeps the women coming back? 

“They go to La Bare because they feel  pretty. They feel wanted. They feel needed where they're not getting that out of life or not getting that out of their relationship,” the first-time director told ET. “It's a place where they can come and be treated like a queen from these men, and that's really the secret. These guys treat women the way they want.”

Check out the video above to learn about the men of La Bare!