4 Reasons Why Melissa McCarthy is a Box Office Queen


Melissa McCarthy is a reigning queen of comedy and is about to be back at it again this week when her latest film Tammy hits theaters July 2nd. In addition to her upcoming flick, the actress also has another big moment in her career on the horizon, receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

“That is beyond cool,” she told ET while promoting Tammy. “I'm like, ‘like will it be down on street? Like a real one?’ They said yes a real one for Gods sake.”

So, how did the 43-year-old go from a supporting actress on Gilmore Girls to becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest box office money makers? ET is sharing four reasons about what makes the Emmy winner such a success.

For one, she knows how to highlight her best qualities in order to get the audience cracking up. Remember the bathroom scene in Bridesmaids? She played a bridesmaid with food poisoning so well, her work scored her an Oscar nomination, and she couldn't believe it.

“I feel nuts. I feel completely overwhelmed,” she told ET just after hearing she was an Academy Award nominee back in 2012. “I was floored this morning and to be up with the women that I’m in there with, and it’s such a, it’s so, it’s such a good diverse group. Wildly diverse projects, wildly different women which always makes me really happy.”

But it’s not only her acting abilities that keeps viewers coming back. Another reason she’s box office royalty is because she is so relatable. The actress is a working mom-of-two, a wife of actor-director Ben Falcone, and is open about the fact that she isn't keen on dieting.

Check out the video about to see the two other reasons why Melissa has found herself at the top of the female comedians in Hollywood and to see a special look back at ET’s first interview with the actress on the set of Gilmore Girls in 2001.