Andy Serkis on Bringing Caesar to Life in 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'


ET went behind the scenes with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes stars Keri Russell, Jason Clarke, Andy Serkis, and Gary Oldman, where we saw how they brought the movie to life.

Golden Globe nominee Andy Serkis told us the most uncomfortable part of wearing the motion capture suits (complete with Velcro balls and helmet straps) used to create the movie magic.

"Well, I have to say being in New Orleans in the middle of summer at 100 percent humidity, where it's very much like being in wet suit you know?" said Serkis. "It's so sticky and smelly and you just wouldn't, I mean I'd rather be next to a load of apes quite frankly."

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In the film, humans are now the minority after a devastating virus was unleashed decades earlier, and their fragile peace with the genetically evolved apes led by Caesar (Andy Serkis) proves short-lived, as both sides must battle it out to determine who will emerge as Earth's dominant species.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes opens July 11.