Cameron Diaz & Jason Segel Talk Getting Naked On Camera for 'Sex Tape'


Stars have been known to take it all off for films, and Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are definitely stripping down in their upcoming film Sex Tape, in theaters July 18.

But, how did they really feel about getting naked on camera?

Turns out they didn't hate it! ET caught up with the two at the movies premiere  in Los Angeles last night and they said they were all in for a good laugh.

"Cameron and I come at comedy the same way with no sense of pride or shame," Jason told ET. "For me I'm picturing the audience covering their eyes and that makes anything possible for me."

Well, the How I Met Your Mother star is sure to make the crowd laugh when the film hits theaters. But, the subject of a sex tape actually wound up hitting home for Rob Lowe. The Parks and Recreation actor had his own real life sex tape scandal back in the 1980’s. So when it came time to join this film, it might seem as if the actor would have had a bit of hesitation. Except … he didn't!

"Oh, god no," Rob told ET at the premiere. "There is nothing more boring than people who are squeamish about their own lives."

Sex Tape  is not Cameron and Jason’s first time working together in a film. They co-starred in the 2011 hit Bad Teacher, directed by Jake Kasdan, who also directs Sex Tape.

Check out the video above to see an in depth look at the film!