Why 'Planes' Sequel Soars Above the Rest


With Planes: Fire & Rescue hitting theaters July 18th, we sent superfan Lauren Kaplan to Yosemite National Park to meet the filmmakers and experience the breathtaking views of the park, from which the movie's Piston Peak National Park was inspired. Plus, Lauren got to interview the film's star, comedian Dane Cook!

Director Bobs Gannaway and producer Ferrell Barron told us the mighty sequoia trees and glacial cut layout of Yosemite were huge inspirations for the fictional park in the movie. The filmmakers were inspired and used elements from a number of parks around the country including Yellowstone, Arches and Glacier National Parks.

The newest Disney animated film tells the story of an elite firefighting aircraft crew devoted to protecting the historic Piston Peak National Park from Raging Wildfire.

"I think Dusty’s got confidence now," says Dane of his character, "He was nervous to fly beyond the fields that he grew up in. Now Dusty feels like he wants to give back."

This is Dane's second round voicing Dusty Crophopper, as he voiced him in the first Planes film.

Check out the video to hear what Dane told us about voicing a plane!