'Mad Max: Fury Road' Cast Is Creepy and Crazy In New Posters

Warner Bros.

Fans have been waiting for almost 30 years for a new installment in the cult classic Mad Max franchise, and Warner Bros. is finally releasing several new glimpses at the long-awaited film. In addition to the trailer (WATCH), they put out a series of four new posters that show some of the insane costumes and vehicles that will populate Max's post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Mad Max: Fury Road
stars Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky, a road warrior scraping by a meager existence out in the wastelands of a desolated world. Aided by only a shotgun in his struggle to survive, Max's world "is fire and blood," according to the recent trailer that debuted at Comic-Con.

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Here is Tom Hardy as Max – holding his shotgun incorrectly, for some reason – as he flies through the air apparently upside down because it looks awesome.

Charlize Theron also stars in Fury Road as Imperator Furiosa. For those who aren't up on their Roman history, an Imperator is basically a commander in the Roman Republic army. So clearly she kicks a**, an assumption which is backed up by her awesome robo-hand.

Nicholas Hoult - the inoffensive and handsome co-star of Warm Bodies and X-Men: First Class - looks SUPER creepy playing the wasteland raider Nux. What is wrong with his mouth?

Finally, and in one of the most exciting casting choices for die-hard Mad Max fans, Hugh Keays-Byrne has been cast as one of the lead villains. Hugh Keays-Byrne played the original gang-leader who is responsible for Max being mad in the first place in the 1979 film. In Fury Road, he plays Immortan Joe, who clearly has the same medical deal as Bane from TheDark Knight Rises, but with a much creepier mask-designer in his employ.

Mad Max: Fury Road is set to hit theaters May 15, 2015.

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