EXCLUSIVE! Channing Tatum Teases 'Magic Mike 2' Will Be 'Very Different'-Find Out How!


Better start stocking up on singles-the Magic Mike sequel is coming!

Calling all ladies—have we got a treat for you!

Let's be honest: We all loved Magic Mike—2012's stripper movie with a heart of gold—and now it's time to get ready for the second installment of the ab-tastic frachise.

We caught up with Channing Tatum this past weekend at Comic-Con, and after nearly passing out from hotness overload, the Magic Mike star dished exclusive details on his stripping sequel.

Not only will the 34-year-old be reprising his role as Magic Mike in the highly anticipated second film, this time around he is also a co-writer on the film along Reid Carolin who penned the first flick.

And while we’re sure the script is perfect, (because let’s be real, pretty much everything Channing does is perfect,) we are now certain that the sequel is going to be absolutely nothing like the first one.

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The 22 Jump Street star spilled that Magic Mike 2 is going to be a "very different movie" from the first. "I don’t know if I've ever seen a sequel that is going to be this different from the first movie—in a good way," Tatum exclusively revealed to ETonline.

Magic Mike 2, which is set to hit theaters in summer of 2015, is going to ditch the overly dark vibes from the original, and will instead feature a lot more hijinks, hilarious moments, and plenty of laughs.

Check out our fill interview above to find out what's in store for Magic Mike 2. Plus, Find out why Tatum thinks that Magic Mike is much more of a "guy movie" than a chick flick. Agree to disagree, Channing?

(And for the record, Channing is even more swoon-worthy than you think he is, so please excuse our nervous giggles of admiration. We're only human.)

Magic Mike 2 is set to hit theaters Friday July 3, 2015.