Kate Hudson's Best On-Screen Kiss Was with Heath Ledger


Kate Hudson has kissed some of the great on-screen heartthrobs (Matthew McConaughey, Billy Crudup, Luke Wilson), but now she's picking favorites. 

The 35-year-old actress showed up on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and dared to play "Plead the Fifth." When asked who she would choose as the best on-screen kisser-- excluding her current on-screen love interest, Wish I Was Here star Zach Braff-- she answered, "I would say my favorite one was Heath [Ledger]."

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Hudson worked with the late actor, who passed away in Jan. 2008 at age 28, on the 2002 drama The Four Feathers. "That was pretty excellent," she recalled as she teared up. "He was just so beautiful and sweet and gentle. I would say that, I look back at all of the ...and that was really ...he was lovely."

Still thinking back on her big kiss with Ledger, the actress added, "That's a tough one to answer, but an amazing [memory]."

Who do you think Hudson has the most chemistry with on screen?