10 Celebs Who Were Too Old to Play High School Students


While it's not unusual to cast stars older than their characters, some really went over the top. We're taking a look at some celebs who played high school students long after graduation.

Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls (25)
Regina George is flawless, and so is the woman who played her! We say woman because Rachel McAdams was already 25-years-old when she played a high school junior in Mean Girls.

Kevin Bacon in Footloose (26)
Kevin Bacon was 26-years-old when he was dancing his way through Footloose (and our hearts).

Gabrielle Union in Bring it On (27)
Gabrielle Union is still bringing it today! Back in 2000, when she played the captain of the Clovers, she was nine years older than your average high-school senior at 27-years-old.

Stacey Dash in Clueless (28)
Stacey Dash has some great genes! She played fashionista Dione in Clueless at 28-years-old.

Henry Winkler in Happy Days (29)
This one shouldn’t surprise you too much. There was NOway The Fonz was actually a teenager, but Henry Winkler was pushing 30 when he played him in Happy Days.

Alan Ruck in Ferris Bueller's Day Off (29)
Alan Ruck was already eleven years older than his character when he played Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day Off at 29-years-old.

Bianca Lawson in Pretty Little Liars (34)
She kind of deserves her own category… She has been playing high school students for over twenty years! She's appeared in shows like American Horror Story, Dawson's Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Cast of Grease (28, 29, 34)
Our favorite on the list isn't just one person, but almost an entire cast! Jeff Conaway was 28-years-old, Olivia Newton-John was 29, but Stockard Channing takes home the grand prize. She played Rizzo at 34-years-old, when she was twice the age of the average high school student.

Good for them for looking so young. Check out the video to see your favorite ageless stars in action!