Ben Affleck Looks Sad and Guilty In New 'Gone Girl' Posters

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The new posters for 'Gone Girl' really makes you wonder if Ben Affleck is a creepy killer.

These strange new posters for David Fincher's upcoming adaptation of Gone Girl give us a fresh look at Ben Affleck and his ability to look sad.

In the book-turned-film, Affleck stars as Nick Dunne, a loving husband who finds himself to be the main person of interest after his wife goes missing. He is thrust into the middle of a media frenzy surrounding the case and becomes a villain in the eyes of the public because of the press coverage.

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The film, based off the bestselling novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn, asks the question: Did Nick Dunne murder his wife?

Just based off these posters, it certainly looks like Affleck's character killed somebody. Or maybe he left his favorite sweater in the wash, and now it shrunk so much he can't wear it. It's hard to tell what's making him look so mournful.

He looks sadder here than in the shots we've seen of him playing Batman.

Fight Club
and Zodiac helmer David Fincher is lending his distinctive style to the thriller, while Rosamund Pike and Neil Patrick Harris co-star.

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Gone Girl
is scheduled for release on October 3.