Bradley Cooper Looks Awesome On The Set Of 'Adam Jones'

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The Oscar-nominated actor rocked aviators and a sweet leather jacket while shooting in England.

This is what happens when you take an actor like Bradley Cooper-- who is already known for his leading-man looks-- and put him in a leather jacket, dark blue jeans and some sweet aviators.

He becomes this physical manifestation of the concept of coolness.

Just look at his hair that is on point.

In this photo from the set of his new film Adam Jones, Cooper looks like he's walking across the street to go deliver a severe beating to whatever bad guys kidnapped his wife/daughter/friend/president – which is what Adam Jones is about right?

Nope. It's a movie about cooking. Like in Cooper's short-lived FOX sitcom Kitchen Confidential, the actor plays a chef in the film.

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Apparently, from the looks of that leather jacket and facial hair, he's a loose cannon chef who plays by his own rules.

Adam Jones
, which is helmed by August: Osage County director John Wells, will be shooting in London until late September.