Jeff Bridges Talks Jamming With Taylor Swift On The Set Of 'The Giver'


Acclaimed actor Jeff Bridges, best known for his iconic role as The Dude in The Big Lebowski, is so much more than just an actor. As seen in his Oscar-winning role in Crazy Heart, Bridges is also a skilled and accomplished musician.

So, when Bridges and singer-songwriter Taylor Swift got the chance to act together in the upcoming young adult thriller The Giver, there's no doubt that the two had a good time talking music. But, according to Bridges himself, a lot of the cast came together over their love of song.

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"There were a lot of musicians on this shoot," Bridges told ET's Rocsi Diaz at a press junket for The Giver. "Brenton Thwaites… and Odeya Rush… we'd all muster up in my hotel room every once in a while and have jam sessions, and got to know each other."

"So is there going to be a Taylor Swift song featuring Jeff Bridges anytime soon?" Rocsi asked.

"You never know!" Bridges said, smiling. "That girl writes a lot of very personal songs… we might show up in one of her tunes. You never know."

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Check out the video for more form the legendary actor on what attracted him to the film, and how his daughter felt about him meeting Taylor.

The Giver
is set to hit theaters August 15.

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