Nina Dobrev On Dating Rumors: 'I've Been Linked To A Million People'


Being a young actress in Hollywood can be difficult. Dealing with the rumors, the criticism and the rampant gossip about everything from your fashion choices to the people you date.

For Nina Dobrev, the gorgeous star of The Vampire Diaries, she's spent most of her career dealing with rumors about her love life, and she's had to learn to shrug off the speculation.

At the premiere of her new film Let's Be Cops, the 25-year-old star stopped to talk to ET about what it's like living under the spotlight.

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So how to rumors get sparked about possible romantic interests?

"If you're single in Hollywood, and you stand within 50 feet of somebody else that's single in Hollywood," Dobrev answered, explaining that something as simple as that can fuel all kinds of speculation.

"Lately I feel like I've been linked to a million people," Dobrev joked. "I'm busy."

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Dobrev, who had been dating her Vampire Diaries co-star Iam Somerhalder until they broke up in May, 2013, has since been "linked" to Orlando Bloom, Benjamin McKenzie and Derek Theler.

To combat the rumors, the star posted a picture to instagram with her surrounded by some of her other co-stars, with the caption " Apparently I have SOOOO many boyfriends. Here's four more. I'm so busy. #tabloidsillyness."

Check out the video for more from Nina on her red carpet fashion sense.

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