See a Young Charlie Sheen Slam His First Ever Movie


It's been 30 years since Red Dawn hit multiplexes and featured soon-to-be stars Patrick Swayze, Lea Thompson, Jennifer Grey and Charlie Sheen in his first movie role ever.  Although the film was a major breakthrough for Sheen at the time, years later he opened up to ET about how he really felt the project.

"The film is such a comic book, it was such a great concept on paper but I think if [director John] Milius had paid more attention to his actors than his tank we might've had something," Sheen admitted to ET in 1987. "I thought it was detrimental to the final outcome of the film."

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The 1984 film about a group of teenagers who wage guerrilla warfare when their town is overrun by foreign nationals, grossed $38 million in the U.S. and put Patrick Swayze on the map. Unlike Sheen, Swayze found working on the film to be "exciting" and relished in the opportunity to flex his acting chops.

"To be a true actor with power, which I hope to be someday... the whole key is to break those barriers down," he told ET in 1984.

Little did he know that three years later he would reunite with Grey in what would be one of the biggest and most iconic movie of their careers: 1987's Dirty Dancing.

Patrick's role in the original Red Dawn would later be played by Chris Hemsworth in the 2012 remake.

Watch the video for more Red Dawn nostalgia on the eve of the film's 30th anniversary.