'Good Will Hunting' Bench Becomes Robin Williams Memorial


Fans paid tribute to Robin Williams at the park bench found in his Oscar-winning film.

One of the more memorable roles in the 1997 film Good Will Hunting had to be between Matt Damon and Williams on a bench at the Boston Public Garden. It may have even earned the actor/comedian his Oscar.

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Following news of Williams' death, Nicholas Rabchenuk and his girlfriend headed to the location to pay tribute to the star. They brought chalk and flowers, and scribbled on the ground a few famous lines from Good Will Hunting. They wrote: "Sorry guys, I went to see about a girl," and "Your move, chief."

"We went to the (Boston) Common and I was really surprised there wasn't anything there," Rabchenuk told The Hollywood Reporter, adding that he hopes others will follow suit and add to the impromptu memorial. "I hope it catches on." 

Williams passed away on Monday, Aug. 11. He was 63.

His Good Will Hunting co-star Minnie Driver tweeted upon hearing the news: "My Heart's broken. Robin was a beautiful, kind soul. Can't bear that he's gone. So incredibly sorry for his family."