'Mrs. Doubtfire' Co-Star Pierce Brosnan Shares Memories Of Robin Williams


In 1993, comedian Robin Williams delivered one of his most beloved performances in the film Mrs. Doubtfire, alongside Pierce Brosnan. ET caught up with Williams' co-star who recalled meeting the beloved actor/comedian for the first time.

Williams starred as a man who loses custody of his children when his wife Miranda (Sally Field) asks for a divorce. In an effort to see his kids and repair his relationship, he dons prosthetic makeup and poses as an elderly Scottish nanny. Brosnan plays Stuart, Miranda's rich and handsome new love interest.

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Some of the film's most memorable scenes involved the wild and frenetic Williams playing off the cool and collected Brosnan, and their chemistry became an indelible Hollywood memory.

At the premiere of his newest film November Man, the 61-year-old actor was clearly emotional thinking about his late co-star, and shared with ET a memory of the first time he met Williams.

"When I went up to do Mrs. Doubtfire in San Francisco all those years ago, the very first day of shooting they say to me, 'Do you want to meet Robin?' I said, 'Sure, I'd love to.' I mean, I was a huge fan of the man's work," recounted Brosnan. "I went into the makeup trailer and Robin was sitting there in a pair of boots and his hairy legs, and a Hawaiian shirt, and his hairy arms, and there he sat, but with Mrs. Doubtfire's head on. So that was my first encounter with Robin Williams."

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"I never really worked with Robin Williams, to tell you the truth. I worked with Mrs. Doubtfire," he added. "He was a magnificent human being, and a beautiful person."

Check out the video for more from Brosnan about his memories of the late, great Robin Williams.

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