Daniel Radcliffe Surprising Fans Might Be The Most Endearing Thing Ever


The 'What If' star showed his sense of humor and humility when he met fans at the screening of his film.

Daniel Radcliffe has consistently seemed like he might just be the nicest guy in Hollywood, and he's always been a huge fan of his fans. And, at a screening of his recently released film What If, Radcliffe surprised some of his supporters at a screening of the film in Los Angeles.

At The Grove, an outdoor mall complex in Los Angeles, fans lined up for a special showing of What If, and a select few were asked to stick around afterwards to answer questions. What they weren't told was that BuzzFeedVideo had arranged for Daniel to be there and surprise them.

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"It would be hilarious now if they just don't react at all," the 25-year-old Harry Potter star jokes in the video. "But we're hoping that they kind of do."

Spoiler Alert: Yeah, they super do.

In the middle of the audience member interviews, Daniel causally strolls out from behind a patrician and startles the ever-living daylights out of fans, simply by introducing himself.

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"I'm Dan. This was a designed act of deception, and I'm sorry for that," Radcliffe joked as he shook an audience member's hand.

Oh, and he also hugs everyone. They all got Daniel Radcliffe hugs. Hugs!

It's impossible to explain how happy he makes every single person, so you have to just check it out. Needless to say, his humility, sense of humor, and downright charm make us super wish we could just be besties with him immediately.