What Was Jessica Alba Like Before Her Big Screen Fame?


Jessica Alba is returning to the box office this Friday in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For but before fans can see her reprise her role as Nancy Callahan, ET dug deep into our vault to find our first interview with the actress on the set of her TV show Dark Angel in 2000.

So... what was she like before the big screen fame? To start, she was a leader and hard worker.

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"The crews here every day. They're all here because of this," the then 19-year-old told ET about her commitment to the show. "The least i can do is know my lines and get on my marks and do what I'm meant to do. Do my job because everyone else is here doing theres."

Not to mention, when she nabbed the starring role as Max Guevera in Dark Angel, she wasn't even really looking for work.

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"I wasn't auditioning at the time for pilots, I wasn't auditioning for much," she said back in 2000. "I didnt want to do anything unless my heart was in it, and I read this and the character shot me in the heart."

Check out the video above to see more of ET's first interview with the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For star!

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