Exclusive Clip: Girls Preyed Upon by Blood-Drinking Teachers in 'Innocence'


A coven of beautiful women who drink the blood of virgins to maintain their youthful good looks are the focal point of Innocence, the latest film based on a young adult novel. ETonline has an exclusive preview of the spooky flick.

Young Beckett (Sophie Curtis, daughter of fashion designer Jill Stuart) moves to Manhattan with her father Miles (Linus Roache) after her mother dies in a surfing accident on Long Island. She enrolls in Hamilton prep, which boasts an excellent education, as well as a mysteriously high suicide rate. Beckett is overwhelmed by psychosis and hallucinations, in addition to a crush on new friend Tobey (Graham Phillips).

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In our exclusive clip, Beckett awakens in the school nurse's office, overhearing a conversation between the unnaturally beautiful headmistress (Kelly Reilly) and her father. She then interrupts the alumni Friday night "book club" meeting, populated exclusively by intensely beautiful young women who get together to “get their blood pumping” – watch to see what happens next.

Innocence, based on the book by Jane Mendelsohn, hits theaters on September 5.