EXCLUSIVE: 'The Little Rascals' Cast Celebrate the Film's 20th Anniversary


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It's been 20 years since The Little Rascals hit the big screen and to mark the occasion, the cast members reunited for the first time ever for a momentous throwback photo shoot and only ETonline was there to capture all the nostalgic goodness behind the scenes.

The Little Rascals, an adaptation of Hal Roach's Our Gang short films of the 1920s-1940s and the subsequent 1950s TV show The Little Rascals, debuted in the summer of 1994. It introduced a whole generation to the adventures of Alfalfa, Spanky and the rest of the members of the "He-Man Woman Haters Club." Not to mention it is ingrained in the memories of everyone who grew up on the childhood classic.

"When you get older and realize that we are part of a lot of people's nostalgia, that's a powerful thing," Bug Hall ("Alfalfa") said of the film's impact. Ross Bagley ("Buckwheat") added, "I think we're all surprised about how classic the film was and how it really just grew and it's still something people reference today."

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The young cast was only 4 to 9-years-old when the film was made and for many of them it was the first major acting role ever.

"Every moment of that movie was so locked into our memories," Bug, now 29, added. "It was such a big experience."

Brian Pocrass, Producer & CEO/Founder of 22 Vision, is responsible for bringing all 13 (now grown up, ages 24-29) kids from the beloved movie back into character to celebrate the milestone anniversary.

"They captured the look and feel and inspiration of the characters," Pocrass said of recreating their iconic looks from the film. "I've had a really good success rate because they really want to be together."

Pocrass and his company 22 Vision have orchestrated some of the biggest reunion projects including Parenthood (1989), Problem Child 1 & 2 (1990, 1991) and the 10 year reunion of School of Rock (2003). And as we found it with the cast of The Little Rascals, it was like no time had pass at all.

Watch the video for more of our exclusive behind the scenes interview with the cast, including a trip down memory lane when we show the cast members their interviews with ET on the set back in 1994. And in case you were wondering, find out what the cast has been up to these days below. Otayyyyyyyy!

Ross Bagley (Buckwheat) @BossRagley - Ross resides in Los Angeles where he's an actor, DJ and most importantly, a new father of a baby boy.

Zachary Mabry (Porky) @ZacMabry - Zachary, who now goes by Zac, is a recent graduate of The University of Oklahoma and currently works in public accounting in Dallas, Texas. His hobbies include reading, tweeting and telling jokes at the exact wrong moment…

Brittany Ashton Holmes (Darla) - The recently married Brittany is retired from the business and resides in Los Angeles with her husband. She's currently working on getting a degree in political science.

Travis Tedford (Spanky) @Airem23 - Travis resides in Arlington, Texas where he works as a full-time marketing professional, all while completing his bachelor’s degree.

Kevin Jamal Woods (Stymie) @THArealKWOODS - Kevin earned his degree in 2009 and is currently in school to further his audio engineering skills. He resides in Texas where he works for a Media Market Research Firm and is also a budding music producer.

Blake McIver Ewing (Waldo) @BlakeMcIver - Blake is a singer/songwriter living in Los Angeles. His debut album, The Time Manipulator, was recently released and is available on iTunes. Blake also stars as one of the hosts of Bravo’s The People’s Couch.

Bug Hall (Alfalfa) @Bug_Hall - Bug Hall still continues to act in numerous television and film roles, and is also establishing himself as a screenwriter.

Jordan Warkol (Froggie) @JordanFrog - Jordan helps run a children's video on-demand service called Toon Goggles. He also performs comedy sketches and stand-up routines in comedy clubs around the Los Angeles area.

Sam Saletta (Butch) - Today, Sam resides in Los Angeles where he's a successful singer/songwriter.  Not only does he write the music for commercials but also has a solo album in the works.

Blake Collins (Woim) - Blake lives in Los Angeles where he's an assistant cameraman on the FX show, Sons of Anarchy and also considers himself a "full-time party animal".

Heather Karasek (Jane) @HeatherRascal - Jane is a costume designer for numerous theater, film and television productions in the Los Angeles area.

Juliette Brewer (Mary Ann) - Juliette resides in Orange County, CA where she works in education.

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