Bill Murray Wants Melissa McCarthy for 'Ghostbusters 3'


Bill Murray also name-drops Kristen Wiig and Emma Stone.

Who would Bill Murray call? Although he won’t be in the threequel for Ghostbusters himself, the actor is offering his top female casting choices for the ghost removal service.

In an interview with The Toronto Star, Murray said his St. Vincent co-star, Melissa McCarthy would be a perfect fit.

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"Melissa would be a spectacular Ghostbuster," he said, adding that he'd also enjoy seeing her Bridesmaids co-star Kristen Wiig join.

He said, "Kristen Wiig is so funny-God, she's funny!"

In addition to Melissa and Kristen, Murray likes Mad Men's Linda Cardellini and Spiderman's leading lady, Emma Stone.

It remains to be seen who will be cast, but Murray is confident that the movie can’t go wrong with any of these choices saying, "There are some funny girls out there."

Luckily for us, it sounds like McCarthy would be totally in to this casting. "I think that somebody is really trying to do it, but nobody has talked to me about it," she told the Toronto Star. "Listen, if the people I think are doing it are doing it, I must never question them."

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Billy Murray played the role of Dr. Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters in 1984 and Ghostbusters 2. Both films were directed by Ivan Reitman.

When Director Ivan Reitman pulled out from directing the third movie, he told Deadline, "It's a version of Ghostbusters that has the originals in a very minor role." It has been widely speculated that Ghostbusters 3 will have a female-centric storyline and that Bridesmaids helmer Paul Feig is in talks to direct.

NEWS: Ivan Reitman Pulls Out of 'Ghostbusters 3'

Ghostbusters 3
is slated to start production in New York in 2015.

Take a throwback look at Ghostbusters in the video below.