A 'Frozen' Ride Is Coming to Disney World!


So far, Frozen has become dolls and toys, clothes and costumes, a short film (coming soon!) and about a gajillion other things. Which makes sense, since Frozen made a gajillion dollars for Disney. Next up: An amusement park ride!

The Maelstrom ride at Disney World’s will be converted into a Frozen-themed ride to open in 2016. And Maelstrom is located in Epcot’s Norwegian pavilion, a fitting location for the Norway-inspired movie.

Here is everything we know about the ride so far:

It "will take our guests to Arendelle and immerse them in many of their favorite moments and music from the film," said Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. In addition to the ride, there will be a meet and greet location for Anna and Elsa.

(And the two hour line to meet Anna and Elsa is kind of like another ride! Kind of!)

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According to The Orlando Sentinel, “the Maelstrom ride features a chilly boat tour through Norwegian scenes. Scenes range from Vikings to trolls to oil rigs. Midway through the ride, the vessel goes backward down a hill and peeks out through a hole in the exterior of the ride building.”

So would it be crazy for us to expect that to turn into a chilly sleigh (pulled by Sven) tour through Arendelle scenes. Scenes ranging from Vikings chopping ice to troll weddings to Olaf at the beach (fingers crossed).

There’s currently no word on when the west coast-based Disney Land could receive a Frozen ride, but we can’t imagine it will be too long. The Matterhorn is just begging to transform into Elsa’s ice castle and Marshmallow the snow monster could easily replace the yeti.

Is it sacrilegious if we say we kind of want that to happen? Bye, Matterhorn!