Here's the 'Breaking Bad' Reference You Definitely Missed in 'Godzilla'

Warner Bros.

Remember when Bryan Cranston, the meth dealer beloved by America, was supposed to STAR in the Godzilla reboot and then [SPOILER ALERT] he died basically at the beginning of the movie and we were all like, “Well, that was pointless.”?

It wasn’t! It wasn’t pointless!

Because there was an awesome Breaking Bad Easter egg hidden in the movie that we would never have caught if /Film reader Jake E. hadn’t pointed it out. It’s hidden in the opening credits of the film.

Watch the full credits sequence here or just fast forward to 50 seconds.

Did you catch it? We didn’t at first:

Here is Bryan Cranston’s title card:

“Walter Malcolm has claimed that government men dressed in white lab coats routinely appear at site and BRYAN CRANSTON shortly after the event all residents are sworn to silence.”

WhoTF is Walter Malcolm?

Let’s redact that a little:


And if you're still jonesing for a Breaking Bad fix, check out Walter and Jesse's (kinda) reunion for the 2014 Emmys: