Bill Murray Earns His Halo In New 'St. Vincent' Character Posters

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The heartfelt dramedy St. Vincent, which won the hearts of audience members at the 2014 Toronto International Film Fest earlier this month, has just released a series of character posters that reveal the angelic side of the film's sad cast of characters.

In the movie, Bill Murray plays Vincent, a hedonistic, misanthrope who is befriended by his neighbor's 12-year-old son and hired by his mom (Melissa McCarthy) to look after him. Taking the boy under his wing, and end up bringing him on a series of inappropriate adventures to strip clubs and various unsavory locales until the two begin to become close friends.

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The film was written and directed by Theodore Melfi, and is his feature film debut. An impressive feat, considering the film's cast, which consists of Murray, McCarthy, Chris O'Dowd, Terrence Howard and Naomi Watts.

St. Vincent
is set to hit theaters Oct. 24.

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Check out St. Vincent's cool new halo-topped character posters and its amazing trailer below.

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