Netflix Signs Adam Sandler To Produce & Star In Four Films

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Are you an Adam Sandler fan? Do you have a Netflix subscription? Well, today is just chock-full of good news for you.

While Sandler's recent offering Blendedfailed to take the box office by storm, Netflix apparently still holds his massive past earnings in high regard, because they've taken a gamble on Sandler by signing a deal with the comic to produce and star in four films which will be exclusively available on the streaming platform.

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According to
Variety, Sandler's films have grossed just under $4 billion and his films are among the most-viewed on Netflix, a distinction not held by many other performers.
Reportedly, the first film from this new contract could be released as early as 2015, but it's not guaranteed.

Currently, Sandler is set to star in three upcoming films including Men, Women, and Children and The Cobbler, both helmed by Up In The Air director Jason Reitman, and the action comedy Pixels.

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This is the latest news from Netflix's burgeoning film goals, after announcing last week that they would be releasing a sequel to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon the same day it was released on IMAX screens.

The news didn't sit well with many theater chains, who view Netflix as a serious and dangerous threat to their first-run supremacy. Most major US exhibitors have since stated that they will refuse to screen the film.

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