This Is What It's Really Like to Film a Sex Scene


Who hasn’t fantasized about what one night with Brooklyn Decker would be like? And Patrick Wilson? Come. On. We all saw that laundry room scene in Little Children. Well, this might ruin that for you.

The two filmed a sex scene for their new movie Stretch (about a limo driver named Stretch — who drives a stretch limo. Get it? Watch the trailer here), but here is what it looked like behind-the-scenes, with sorta NSFW commentary by director Joe Carnahan:

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There’s a lots of apologizing and reassuring the other person:

There’s awkward laughter and “sexy” music to set the “mood”:

So basically like real life.

Except there’s also a lady spritzing you with fake sweat and someone in the background shouting “Great f*cking!” Not to mention a dozen crew members.

So hot, huh?