Selena Gomez Teases Future Plans: 'I've Got A Few Surprises Coming Up'


Singer, actress and model Selena Gomez has been acting most of her life, but with her latest film Rudderless, the former Disney star is moving away from her family friendly roots, like she did with her well-received performance in the 2012 drama Spring Breakers.

At the Los Angeles premiere of the film, Gomez walked the red carpet in a stunningly gorgeous crimson dress and stopped to talk with ET about working on the film, and revealed that she's been working hard to get more films under her belt.

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"Lately, I've been begging people to just take an audition with me," Gomez told ET.

As for why she chose Rudderless, the 22-year-old actress explained that it was all about the script, and who she got to work with.

"[The script] is extremely touching. It's amazing," Gomez said. "And I want to be part of a cast that I can learn from. I think that’s important for me."

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, which serves as the directorial debut of actor William H. Macy, follows the downward spiral of a grieving father mourning the death of his son. When the man discovers a hidden box filled with his son's musical demo tapes, he forms a band as a way to connect with his deceased child through music.

In the film, Gomez plays Kate, the ex-girlfriend of the deceased son, whose life has been turned upside down by tragedy.

On the red carpet, Gomez also teased that she's got some big projects in the works.

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"I've got a few surprises coming up," Gomez said. "Within the next two months I think people will be seeing some stuff that I've been working on the past year."

The world can't wait to see what amazing fashions Gomez brings along for her upcoming projects.

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