10 Deadliest Horror Movie Villains With The Highest Body Counts


Halloween, everyone's favorite blood-soaked holiday, is quickly creeping up on us, and people all across the country are already getting into the spooky spirit, with jack-o-lanterns on door steps, scarecrows popping up in front lawns, and horror movie DVDs flying off the shelves.

Yes, the horror movie. One of the staples of the Halloween season. And the good folks over at Buy Costumes have taken a good, hard look at cinema's most bloodthirsty lunatics to come up with this brilliant infographic of the 10 Deadliest Horror Villains.

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From Pennywise the clown, one of the scariest killer clowns next to American Horror Story: Freak Show's Twisty, to your well known Freddy and Jason, here is a comprehensive list of the deadliest psychos in horror history.

Wow, Jason racked up over 300 kills! You have to admit, that's impressive for a guy who technically wasn't even in one of his franchise's films. (SPOILERS: in the first Friday The 13th, the killer was actually Jason's mom.)

However, before you take this infographic to heart, there are quite a few classic killers who didn't make the list despite deserving a spot, including Ghostface from the Scream franchise. Also, Pennywise the clown came back and killed every 30 years, so he's probably murdered way more people than he's given credit for here.

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But, odds are, you're not taking it quite that seriously.

If you want to get some truly terrifying scares this Halloween season, check out American Horror Story: Freak Show for some of the creepiest moments you're likely to ever see on TV.

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