'Little Giants' Turns 20! Behind the Scenes with the Young Cast & NFL All-Madden Team


Is it just us or was 1994 the year of our favorite films ever?

Among a stellar list of classic movies celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, which include Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction and The Little Rascals, Little Giants is also ringing in the milestone anniversary.

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The beloved sports film starred Rick Moranis and Ed O'Neil as small town brothers coaching rival pee-wee football teams-- one team, led by Heisman Trophy winner brother Kevin (O'Neal), and the other, led by underdog Danny (Moranis) and his band of misfit kids.

ET was on the set back in 1994 with the young cast who were joined by NFL greats such as John Madden, Emmitt Smith, Bruce Smith and Steve Emtman. Despite a few major commercials, it was the first time working on a major film for most of the pro-football players. Needless to say, they were not used to the grueling production hours.

"This is the first time I've ever done a film," Madden told ET at the time. "The process is a lot longer."

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"This is definitely not the NFL," Emmitt added. "It's a whole lot easier on the body but requires as much mental concentration... as playing a game of football."

For Bruce Smith, he told ET that he relates to the film's theme of overcoming obstacles especially as an underdog.

"I always had a difficult time playing sports," he said. "I was always the heavy set kid, I always wore Huskies, always got joked around a lot. So I can relate a lot to what's going on [in the movie]."

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Their cameos are just one of the many reasons we still love Little Giants two decades later.

Watch the video to relive all your favorite moments from the film and to see what the team's biggest secret weapon was to become the best damn pee wee football town from Urbania.

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