Nicholas Sparks Movies Are Actually Full of Goofs!

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The tenth Nicholas Sparks film adaption -- The Longest Ride starring the very hunky Scott Eastwood  -- hits theaters on Friday and we were inspired to go back and marathon the other movies based on his books. 

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You may not have noticed this earlier, either, but some of your favorite Sparks films actually have some pretty hysterical mess-ups.

Remember when Noah lies in the middle of the street in The Notebook? He says, "My dad and I used to come out here and watch the lights change from green to red to yellow." Um, that's not really possible, Noah -- traffic lights go from green to yellow to red. 

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And during the same scene, Noah lies down in the middle of the road, and when Allie joins him on the pavement, they're all the way on one side of the street. Then, in a different shot the couple is back in the middle!

Check out this video to see goofs from The Last Song, Dear John, The Notebook, Safe Haven, and A Walk To Remember! After seeing you'll never watch your favorite Sparks flick the same way again.

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