'Magic Mike XXL' Is Apparently Too Hot for Women to Handle

Warner Bros.

The poor, poor HR manager that has to supervise this shoot.

Magic Mike XXL
is looking for some 300 extras to appear in the audience for the sequel’s big stripping numbers. And according to Channing Tatum, the numbers are hotter than ever. So if you’re a woman — no boys allowed, sorry bout it! — who lives in Georgia and is available Oct. 23, 24 or 25, you could see him do this, live, in person, with your very own eyes:

The original posting, on the “Magic Mike Extras” Facebook page, explained that women will have “the opportunity to be a part of what we are calling The MAGIC MIKE Experience. You will not be paid, but we will feed you and you will get the official cast and crew [t-shirt] at the end of the evening.”

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Plus, you have the opportunity to see Matt Bomer do this:

The posting is quick to advise, “Please do not apply if you are offended by nudity and acts of a sexual nature.” In case someone didn’t see the first movie and thinks they are going to see a, what? Actual magician?? David friggin’ Copperfield?

But apparently, even with that warning, what these women are seeing on the set of Magic Mike XXL set is just TOO DAMN HOT for them to handle. An updated extras call switched to capitals to emphasize, “DO NOT SUBMIT if you are not comfortable around nudity and acts of a sexual nature.”

Acts of a sexual nature like Joe Manganiello doing this:

The post has since been deleted, but its original content (via Uproxx) said, “Seriously...we warn you guys like a bazillion times and we had three women leave this morning. Girl.”

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And then, just for good measure, they say it all again. Now you only have yourself to blame. That said, if all these women saw Magic Mike and could handle Matthew McConaughey doing this:

We cannot imagine what is happening in Magic Mike XXL.

Where do we submit our resume?

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