This Is What Happened When Augustus Waters (aka Ansel Elgort) Visited the Bench from 'The Fault in Our Stars'

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Pass a tissue, we are so not okay.

Remember this bench?

It’s the bench where Augustus Waters took Hazel Grace (aka queen of the tweens Shailene Woodley) in The Fault in Our Stars, where he told her that his was back and where they made out until Laura Dern told them it was time to go home.

It mysteriously went missing from the bank of the Leidsegracht River in July, replaced by a flowerpot. Dutch officials quickly returned it to its rightful spot, confirming it is, indeed, the bench. Which is a relief, or this would have never been possible...

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Gus himself, Ansel Elgort, is in Europe promoting his new movie, Men, Women & Children, and the press tour took him back to Amsterdam, where he’s been making Dutch girls FLIP OUT by taking video selfies with them:


People bike in Amsterdam.

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And giving out free hugs:

And that was all before he paid a visit to the bench. THE BENCH:

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“Asked two people kissing on the bench if that was the bench from tfios,” he said. “Was a great moment, then asked them to take a pic for me.” GUS LIVES.

Hopefully that couple was making out to celebrate happier news.

But the best part is this little detail that no TFIOS fan could miss:

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Meanwhile, here are a few more films that had us begging for tissues: