Matthew McConaughey Puts A Year Of Accolades And Acclaim Into Perspective


This has been a big year for Matthew McConaughey. He essentially dominated the awards season, he appeared in a number of celebrated films, he starred in the critically acclaimed HBO series True Detective and his hotly-anticipated sci-fi thriller Interstellar comes out in two weeks.

To celebrate McConaughey and his contribution to film, the American Cinematheque held a star-studded gala in his honor, and ET caught up to the Oscar winner on the red carpet.

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ET's Kevin Frazier had to ask the actor how he kept his recent monumental success in perspective.

"I went back to work [this year] and did two more films that I'm more excited about than anything I've done," McConaughey told ET. "I'm happy to say that each film I've been doing, the next one turns out to be my most favorite film. And I'm glad that keeps happening… I'm loving my career. I'm loving the work I'm doing more than I ever have in my life."

The celebrated star of Dallas Buyers Club andKiller Joe also spoke about the honor being presented to him at the event.

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"Tonight I'm getting honored for 22 years of my career," McConaughey shared. "And they're saying, 'Hey, we think what you've done made an excellent contribution to the art of cinema.' That's pretty humbling."

"I'm 44, getting this award," the star added. "If you would have asked me 20 years ago, 'Would that be nice to get that, and if you did when would it be?' I sure probably would have said older than now!"

Check out the video for more from the acclaimed star, and hear from two of his past co-stars Kate Hudson and Jessica Chastain on what makes McConaughey's star shine so bright.

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