Top Killers: The 25 Deadliest Actors According to On-Screen Body Counts


Watch out for these guys!

We're breaking down the most lethal movie stars by highest number of on-screen kills and some of the deadliest stars might surprise you.


Arnold Schwarzenegger tops the list with 369 kills. The Terminator has seen plenty of action in his days – but the majority of his tally comes from the 1985 film Commando, where he logged a total of 81 kills (including an outrageous final scene where he takes out 77 people).

Chow Yun-Fat is not too far behind with 295, while Sylvester Stallone rounds out the top 3 with 267 kills – a whopping 210 of Stallone's count comes straight from the Rambo films.

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The brain behind these mind-blowing stats is Computer Science PhD student Randy Olson who compiled this data using the Movie Body Counts database, as well as adding his own research for any out of date numbers.

"One of the most important criteria for a kill actually being counted in a movie is it had to actually be a visible on screen death," Randy told ET.

Basically, no explosions with implied deaths (sorry, Luke Skywalker) – and nope, this does not count TV -- otherwise we'd see Jack Bauer somewhere on the list.

There were definitely some surprises, too -- Charlie Sheen and Orlando Bloom both have more kills than martial arts legend Chuck Norris.

Let's not forget about the ladies, either! The deadliest actress to make the list is Uma Thurman who logged EVERY SINGLE ONE of her 77 kills from Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2 alone – that's right, she hasn't had an on-screen kill in any other film.

Olson explained to ET that there is one noticeable omission from the list, Hollywood legend John Wayne. The count only goes back to around the 1960s, but Olson is actively trying to add those numbers to the list because he’s certain Wayne would end up somewhere in the top 10.

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