14 Revealing Moments In the New 'The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies' Trailer


This new trailer for the final installment in 'The Hobbit' trilogy boasts some weird and wonderful tidbits.

War is coming to Middle-Earth, and we get a first-hand, action-packed look at all the destruction in this new trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies.

In this exciting preview for the final installment in the epic trilogy, every single character from the series makes an appearance with either a grimace on their face or a sword in their hand – or both.

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The lighthearted, adventuring tone of the first two films has been replaced with a dark, brooding menace that permeates every shot. Meanwhile, an ever-quickening, foreboding score builds tension with every rapid flash of violence.

The Battle Of The Five Armies
begins where the previous film left off: Smaug is flying off in a rage with the destruction of Lake-Town on his mind. Meanwhile, a war is brewing as tensions build between the Dwarves, the Men of the Lake, the Elves of the Woodland Realm, the Orcs and the Goblins. This is all going on as Sauron's powers grow stronger and his dangerous presence threatens all of Middle-Earth.

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So let's examine this brand new look at the final Hobbit film, and break down the trailer's 14 most interesting moments.

Thorin's Sad Face- 
That is not the face of a man with a clean conscience. Could his lust for greed and the Arkenstone be leading him down a self-deluded path of destruction? (Probably.)

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Lake-Town Burns- 
The mighty dragon Smaug is one of the only principle characters not featured prominently in this trailer, but his path of destruction sure is seen. You have to admit, he's efficient. One dragon was able to turn the whole village into a roaring bonfire, and it's a city that is literally built on - and surrounded by - water, which is fire's natural enemy.

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The Dwarven Intervention- 
It's hard to tell if this lineup is depicting a bunch of Dwarven warriors heroically standing by their brave leader Thorin, or if it's the Dwarf version of an intervention, and they all just want Throin to get the help he needs for his debilitating addiction (to treasure and Arkenstones).

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Thranduil's Giant Moose- 
Wow! Check out the Elven King Thranduil's mighty steed! That is one huge moose! Or, maybe it's normal sized for a moose? How big is a moose?

Warner Bros.

Overkill A Bit?- 
There are just so many archers sent to kill 13 dwarves in a fancy cave. Obviously the dwarves will increase their ranks, but it feels that Thranduil could end this whole thing pretty quickly by just drowning the dwarves in a tsunami of soldiers.

Warner Bros.

Lee Pace, Yet Again- 
After starring as the evil Ronan in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy earlier this year, Lee Pace hits the big screen again in December to play the antagonistic elf Thranduil in what will most likely be another massive blockbuster. It's been a good year for Lee Pace.

Warner Bros.

War Bats- 
"These bats are breed for one purpose. For war!" I get that bats are scary, but armies are scary too. What, exactly, can war bats do? You know what? Never mind. War bats are an awesome concept. Go War Bats!

Hugo Weaving Is Amazing- 
Hugo Weaving doesn't even have to try that hard to be totally intimidating. As Agent Smith in The Matrix, he was so creepy that fear permeates through to all his other roles. Weaving just unsheathing his sword is unnerving.

Eye Of Sauron- 
It's only on screen for a few frames, but there is something eternally disturbing about that villainous eye.

Warner Bros.

A Sea Of Soldiers- 
Wait, so the elves have an estimated 1 million archers AND just as many, if not more, pikemen? How is this even a war?

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Troll Synchronization- 
Man, those are some well-coordinated battle trolls. Do you think they practice that little ground punching maneuver? Is there always just that one troll who can't get the timing right and he embarrasses all the other trolls? That's the kind of stuff everyone really wants to see in a Hobbit movie.

Is That A Baby Troll?- 
Sorry, but that is just not a scary Troll. It's all soft-looking and hairless. It looks like a young Benjamin Button, when he was that creepy old man baby. Actually, the old man baby was significantly scarier than this troll.

Warner Bros.

Azog's New Arm- 
Oh, cool! Azog replaced that weird little gardening rake arm with a bad-ass giant blade arm. Feels like it would have been better for him if he had just gone with the massive blade arm in the first place.

Warner Bros.

Ring Tease- 
At the very end, we get taunted with Bilbo putting on the ring and then, instead of seeing him turn invisible, it cuts to the logo. Although, to be fair, seeing someone turn invisible isn't all that exciting. Because they're, you know, invisible. Solid logo, though.

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies
is set to march into theaters December 17.

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