DC vs. Marvel: Which Superhero Earns the Most?


The rivalry is on a whole new level!

Marvel and DC have gone head-to-head for decades, and with live-action films scheduled through 2020, the rivalry is stronger than ever – but there's another competition brewing behind the scenes.

The Hollywood Reporter published a fascinating report on the studio race for licensing revenue. Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment earn millions in global retail sales which begs the question – which superhero earns the most?

4. Superman ($277 million)
DC Comics' Man of Steel served as a foundation for superheroes since his first appearance back in 1938. Superman's global retail sales earn $277 million – basically, those "S" shield t-shirt sales have seriously paid off.

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3. The Avengers ($325 million)
Marvel's greatest combined team of superheroes have been a fan favorite since their first appearance in 1963. Sure, it feels a little like cheating to group them all together – but with their cinematic debut in 2012, the team raked in $325 million.

2. Batman ($494 million)
The Dark Knight is DC Comics' top earning superhero with $494 million. In his 75th year, Batman is sealed in comic history as a fan favorite, and a symbol of hope.

Wayne Enterprises will need to step it up to catch up to the number one Marvel superhero earning $1.3 billion!

Watch the video to find out who takes the top spot.

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