This Amazing 'Breaking Bad'-Themed 'Frozen' Parody Asks, 'Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab?'


Walter White
is knocking at the door, and he has one important question: "Do you want to build a meth lab?"

In this (surprisingly emotional) Breaking Bad-themed, SPOILER-FILLEDFrozen parody, we get to see the many stages of Walter and Jesse's deteriorating relationship, and the effect it has on both of them. Also, it's set to one of the most popular songs in the Disney canon (next to Frozen's No.1 hit "Let It Go." Which there are plenty of tributes to and covers of already.)

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It might be the only joke parody that manages to be sadder than the downbeat song it's referencing - if you love Breaking Bad, that is.

While the video is packed with great visual jokes - including Walter's pants falling to reveal his now-iconic tighty whities – but also references to some of the show's most heart-wrenching twists, reveals and character deaths, all which come totally out of left field… Much the twists, reveals and character deaths on the actual show! Wow, this parody has layers.

Writers Amanda Hill, Zack James, Stephen Kardynal, Even Cloyd and Alex Negrete - along with killer animation by Toonocracy and a solid Walter White musical voice performance by Brock Baker - have crafted one of the highlights of the year for parody comedy.

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Despite – or possibly due to – its dark subject matter,Breaking Bad has been a wellspring of comedy. However, the best live-action parody so far might have been made by the show's stars when they reunited for a comedy teaser to promote the Emmys earlier this year. Check out ET's look at the hilarious video below.

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