Idina Menzel Confirms 'Frozen' Sequel in the Works

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Disney fans don't have to let go of Frozen just yet!

Idina Menzel
, who voices Elsa in the Oscar-winning animated film, confirmed to The Telegraph that there is a sequel "in the works" for the beloved movie. This shouldn't come as a surprise seeing as Frozen is the highest-grossing animated film of all time, earning $1.274 billion in theaters worldwide.

Menzel, who sings the film's popular theme song "Let It Go," also said that she's down to reprise her role in any of the Frozen projects -- including an Olaf the Snowman spin-off -- but she's not confirmed for the stage show. "I'm just going along for the ride," she told the British newspaper.

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Elsa is on board but is Anna? Kristen Bell, who voices Anna, chatted with ET in October about her role in the Disney movie, and if her excitement is any indication, she would totally be back for Frozen 2.

"That was the thing I wanted to do at 5 years old more than anything -- 'I want to be a Disney princess!'" Bell gushed to ETonline. "The fact that it's happening is still difficult for me to digest. I still feel very lucky and probably always will."

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Looks like this Frozen frenzy isn't going away anytime soon! In addition to its billion dollar box office, season 4 of ABC's Once Upon Timealso features a Frozen-inspired story line. There were even sexy Halloween costumes fashioned after the film, and wedding dresses created by designer Alfred Angelo! Check out the wedding styles, below.

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