Joseph Gordon-Levitt Teeters on a Tightrope In New 'The Walk' Trailer

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is that you?!

The 33-year-old actor
is going to great heights for his new role in The Walk where he portrays real-life French aerialist and entertainer Philippe Petit.

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Back in 1974, Petit succeeded in walking a tightrope between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, and in 2008, the Oscar-winning documentary Man on Wire showcased that gravity-defying feat once again.

In the new The Walk trailer -- directed by Back to the Future's Robet Zemeckis -- JGL is seen towering on top of one of the skyscrapers taking in the sights before he steps out onto the edge of the 110-story building.

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"The caper is really compelling. It's outrageous," Zemeckis told Entertainment Weekly of Gordon-Levitt's role. "It's the story of an artist who risks his life to create a performance."

While we wait for The Walk -- out Oct. 2, 2015 -- here's a flashback to JGL's Golden Globes interview with ET in 1997.