'Ant-Man' Trailer: Paul Rudd Bulks Up And Shrinks Down!

Marvel has finally released a long-awaited trailer for 'Ant-Man.'

The Ant-Man trailer we've been waiting for is finally here!

Two teasers, one ant-sized and the other human-sized, led up to the release of our first real glimpse at Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas in Marvel's summer tentpole Ant-Man, and the wait was worth it.

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The trailer premiered during the series debut of Marvel's Agent Carter on Tuesday.

In the film, Rudd stars as con-man and thief Scott Lang who teams up with scientist Hank Pym (Douglas) who has invented a special suit that allows its wearer to decrease in size while increasing in strength. Rudd must use his new-found powers of miniaturization to save the world.

House of Cards' Corey Stoll stars as Ant-Man's iconic antagonist Darren Cross, aka Yellowjacket.

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Marvel also released a brand-new poster for Ant-Man, which they tweeted Tuesday morning.

is set to hit theaters nationwide July 17.

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Marvel has been racking up the hits in recent years, with Guardians of the Galaxy making the most money of any release in 2014. Check out our favorite moment from Guardians in the adorable clip below. *Possible Spoiler Warning*