FLASHBACK: Rosamund Pike, From Bond Girl to 'Gone Girl'

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While Rosamund Pike has been getting tons of Oscar and Golden Globe buzz as Amy Elliott Dunne in David Fincher's adaptation of Gone Girl, it was actually her role as the hot new Bond girl opposite of Pierce Brosnan in 2002's Die Another Day that first earned her international acclaim.

"It's not like anything else," Rosamund, then 23-years-old, told ET of the Bond flick. "I don't think I'll ever do a film like it again."

Landing the part of Miranda Frost in her first major film role was a moment she would never forget.

"That's never going to leave me, that moment. There's nothing more exhilarating than that first moment of being given that compliment, that vote of confidence, everything. But it's coupled with the kind of moment that comes after which is, 'How am I going to do it? How am I going to pull it off?'"

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ET was invited on the set of the film, where Rosamund expressed her nervousness on working with her A-list co-star, Halle Berry.

"The first time I worked with Halle I was quite nervous because it was right after she got the Oscar," Rosamund said at the time. "You're just there with the most famous face in the world and the woman who the whole world has just applauded for a wonderful performance -- but she could not have been more delightful and we had a really good day."

And as Bond girls tend to do, she had to get pretty close with Bond himself!

"That was my first love scene on camera," she said of working with Pierce. "That's a pretty good way to start right?"

No, it's not a bad start at all! And considering Rosamund was last seen in bed with her Gone Girl co-star, Ben Affleck, she's doing quite well for herself. Check out this video for some great throwback interviews with Rosamund at the beginnings of her wildly successful career.

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