From Leonardo DiCaprio to Brad Pitt: 6 Actors Who Do the Same Thing in Every Movie

There's one (hilarious) issue these actors have in common.

Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks – they’re all amazingly dynamic, award-winning actors, but there’s just one (hilarious) issue they all have in common -- they can’t help but do the exact same thing in every movie.

Whether it's a constant need to run, eat, or even plunge to their death – we're breaking down six actors with trademark habits in their films.

Tom Cruise is Always Running

At this point, Tom Cruise has probably lapped the earth several times with the amount of running he does in his movies. We know it, and thankfully it’s no secret to Cruise. His Twitter bio even states: “Actor. Producer. Running in movies since 1981.”

Brad Pitt is Always Eating

Brad Pitt apparently has a bottomless pit for a stomach, because he is constantly shoving food in his mouth. Sure, you probably noticed this in Ocean’s 11 considering he does it in nearly every scene, but it doesn’t stop there -- he chows down in almost every film, and for the most part, he’s nowhere near a dinner table.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is Always Toasting

We can recall his epic “to making it count” speech aboard the R.M.S. Titanic, but Leo’s been raising his glass for quite some time -- whether it be in The Man in the Iron Mask, The Wolf of Wall Street, or The Great Gatsby, no one gives a good toast quite like Leonardo DiCaprio.

John Cusack is Always in the Rain

Twentieth Century Fox

We can’t help but feel bad for John Cusack, who always finds himself caught in the rain. Sure, the rain can be fun – but it’s never a light drizzle for Cusack, it’s a torrential downpour each and every time.

Tom Hanks is Always… Excusing Himself

Tom Hanks is just doing what humans do. But then again, we rarely see this happening in film, let alone by the same actor in nearly all his roles -- but Tom Hanks always has to get up and go!

Sean Bean is Always Dying


Let’s all remove our hats and give a Leo-sized toast to actor Sean Bean. Poor Sean Bean, he’s always dying -- and sometimes in very bizarre ways, like when he was run off a cliff by a herd of cattle… yeah, that happened.

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