Ryan Gosling Crashes Russell Crowe's Awards Show Presentation


Ryan Gosling is awesome every time he does anything – including when he "crashes" live televised events.

Russell Crowe was presenting the nominees for Best Supporting Actress at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts awards, live via satellite from Los Angeles, when Ryan Gosling strolled over and made the whole thing a million times better.

Crowe and Gosling are currently in L.A. shooting their 1970s-era crime thrillerThe Nice Guys – hence their unusual attire.

In the hilarious clip, Crowe introduces the star saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, you might not recognize him with his clothes on. It's Ryan Gosling."

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That's a good jab on Crowe's part. Gosling does love taking his clothes off.

After Crowe's introduction, Gosling showed off his laughably bad Aussie accent, saying, "G'day folks, how ya goin'?"

Even Crowe chuckled in response to the cheesy attempt.

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Before anyone could get offended, Gosling was kind enough to explain, "It's okay, I'm an honorary Australian."

"Really? How's that?" Crowe, 50, asks.

"I lived in New Zealand for like two years, so…" Gosling, 34, responds deadpanned.

The look on Gosling's face when he's told that New Zealand and Australia are, in fact, different countries is what sells the whole skit.

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