Vanessa Bayer Is Hilariously Awkward in This Perfect 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Parody


Saturday Night Live
Vanessa Bayer got hilariously dirty for her parody of the "elevator scene" from the upcoming film Fifty Shades of Grey.

Bayer's take on Anastasia Steele is pitch perfect. With her plain Jane flower-print blouse, blue cardigan and her hair-twirling, lip-biting affectations, it's clear from the start that she could have been a great casting choice for the real thing!

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In the sketch, things get raunchy fast as Bayer begins whipping out erotic accessories in an attempt to convince random, uncomfortable elevator passengers to get freaky with her.

Bayer pulls out handcuffs, dog collars, and various other vibrating accoutrements in an attempt to find her own Christian Grey -- until finally it's revealed that this is all an ad for Audi. Wait, what?

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After all the riding crops and sexual harassment, all she really wanted was someone to buy her a brand new car, because "Anastasia got one!"

Check out the real Fifty Shades of Grey trailer below to see how Bayer stacks up against Dakota Johnson when it comes to playing the sexually curious Steele.

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