FLASHBACK: 14-Year-Old Seth Green Rocked a Pretty Sweet Mullet

Happy Birthday, Seth Green!

Actor, comedian, producer, and all-around nerd Seth Green is celebrating the big 4-1 on Feb. 8. And we mean nerd in a good way -- come on, he even got married at Skywalker Ranch, how awesome is that?

Green began his rise to fame at the age of seven when he landed a role in an RCA commercial – but if it were up to Seth, he would have started even earlier.

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“When I was 2 years old I told my parents I wanted to be in entertainment. They go, ‘Yeah right, now go to sleep!’’ Green told ET back in 1988. “They never took me seriously, and [when] I was about 6 I told them that they were wasting the best years of my career, and if they didn't do something than I would have to.”

Talk about knowing what you want to do early in life!

Our favorite red-headed actor rocked a sweet mullet when ET sat down with him in ‘88. By then, the 14-year-old actor had already landed a substantial amount of work with roles in Billions for Boris, The Hotel New Hampshire, and Can’t Buy Me Love. He even landed a more starring role in Woody Allen's Radio Days.

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But even then, acting wasn’t young Seth's only job – he loved making people laugh, so he started doing stand-up comedy.

"Standing up in front of other people and letting them laugh at you is fun because you're entertaining them and you're letting off energy," said Seth. “I really liked the instant applause, the instant reaction at something that you made up and you thought was funny.”

Seth had no problem juggling it all – after all, he loved what he did.

“I'm not upset that I'm not a regular kid because I really enjoy it,” said Seth. “I'd be so hyper in school, they'd be beating me up!”

Check out this video for an adorable 14-year-old Seth (and his mullet).

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