A Blonde James Spader Talks About Keeping His Integrity in 1990!

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Ever wonder what James Spader looks like with a head full of hair? ET was with The Blacklist star back in 1990, when he and his luscious dirty blonde locks were starring opposite Susan Sarandon in the romantic drama, White Palace.

Spader was passionate about his decision to be an actor – he even left high school to pursue his career full-time.

“It's hard work and I'm not going to be cavalier about it,” said Spader. “It is something I care a great deal about and something that is quite an investment.”

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While Spader takes his career as an actor very seriously, he vowed to never let it affect his personal life.

“I refuse to let my home life and my life with my friends and my family be compromised by what it is I do for a living. I refuse to let that happen,” Spader said. “As passionate as I feel about it, it's not worth sacrificing anything in my home life.”

Watch this video for more from the then-30 year old actor circa 1990.

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