12 Reasons We Can't Even Wait For 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Anymore

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Mr. Grey will FINALLY be seeing you now!

Fifty Shades of Grey
is the number one movie on Tumblr's Fandometrics because of course it is. The movie comes out on Friday, just in time for what might be the most sexually specific Valentine's Day weekend on record.

We've seen the trailer, watched some scenes, bought our tickets in record numbers, and heard the music, now it's safe to say the anticipation is boiling over. Here are 12 reasons we just can't wait anymore!

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1: Let's not forget the TRAILER had us like:

2. And it hasn't gotten any easier:

3. We LOVE seeing Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan like this:

4. But at this point we're ready to get down to business:

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5. Because biding our time is becoming real weird:

6. Because this GIF of Ana is an all too familiar feeling:

7. Because our answer to this question would be pretty much the same:

And we WANT to be able to say this:

9. But we can't officially say THIS until Friday:

10. And TBH, we're ready for a different kind of Valentine's Day:

11. Plus like, we've read the book:

12. And we just want to WATCH IT ALREADY:

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Friday, please happen now. Please.

Sidenote: If you haven't heard the awesome Fifty Shades soundtrack, that's insane watch the video below now!