Is 'Fifty Shades of Grey' a Love Story or a Steamy Sex Romp?

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The racy relationship drama Fifty Shades of Greyis projected to have a stellar $60 million opening, but is it the sex or the romance that's attracting people's interest?

The hugely popular novel that the film is adapted from is filled to the brim with explicit sex -- mostly consisting of hardcore BDSM.

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It's been established that the film will be toning down some of the more graphic encounters, but it's still to be seen how far the film will need to stray from its source material.

The advertising has focused more on their seduction and burgeoning relationship than it has on their kinky sex. In fact only 18 seconds of all the ads released have even hinted at sex or nudity.

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According to Fandango correspondent Tara McNamara, "The film devotes a lot of time to how women want to be worshipped, and feel special. Which is really a universal theme for all Romance movies, so it's not just about sex."

People will get the chance to see the balance of sex and romance whenFifty Shades of Grey hits theaters Feb. 13.

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