FLASHBACK: 'Snow Day' Turns 15! Chilling With the Cast in 2000

Snowplowman must be stopped!

It's been 15 years since we first wreaked havoc on Snowplowman and listening to the sounds of Hoku in Snow Day. ET chilled with the cast of the frosty flick back in 2000.

“This is my first movie and it couldn't be better!” a then 13-year-old Josh Peck told ET. “To sum up Snow Day in three words – wet, cold and fun!”

SNL alum Chevy Chase played the resident meteorologist in the movie -- and Chase was quite familiar with his own snow day tricks as a kid.

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“When I was going to Riverdale in New York we took a couple of buckets of water. We knew it was going to be way below freezing and we just poured it all over the driveway and the next morning the buses couldn't get up because of the frozen tundra,” said Chase.

But the real task was de-railing Snowplowman, played by Chris Elliott, who threatened to send the kids back to school.

“It's funny because initially in the script, there was an arch to the character where he actually turns and becomes kind of nice in the film and we shot it but evidently in editing it didn't make it,” said Elliott. “So I end up being the bad guy all the way through.”

Watch this video for more from the cast of Snow Day in 2000!

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